Pursuit of Pantiness

You know those holy grail panties? The ones that come in beautiful colors, soft fabric, and are super comfy, stay put, and never give you VPL? I found them once. I was once one of those lucky souls who thinks, “Yeah, I love to sew, but why bother sewing underwear?” And then the company discontinued my size (because small tushies can’t have adorable granny panties?)

I have 4 pairs left, and I will NOT tell you how old they are. I’m in dire straights. All my other store bought undies fail the no-wedgie-ever test or the no-visible-panty-line test…. or both.

About a year ago I started experimenting with free patterns and old T-shirts with some extremely comfy results. I’m still working on the perfect marriage of “stay-put” and “no VPL,” but I’m getting soooo close. The pair pictured is a recent boy short variation that is as cute as can be, but they do start to inch up after a few hours. Stay tuned for the results of my various experiments. Happy sewing!

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