Geometric Jersey Simplicity 8229

Wouldn’t this make the cutest bikini?? I almost wish it were! It’s actually an everyday bra and panty set made with (what else) Simplicity 8229.

Overview: I adore Simplicity 8229.  It’s comfy, easy to sew, easy to fit, and very flattering.  This is my second version of the bra and I played with two new variations: 1) I attempted to line the bridge and cradle with non-stretch tricot and 2) I succeeded in lining the cups with foam.  Bonus: I tried the panty pattern that’s included.  I was very, very skeptical, but hey, it would be silly not to try it when I love the bra so much, right? Spoilers. . . it’s actually great.

Sizes included: 32 A through 42 DD for the bra, XS – XL for the panty.

Size I used: 32C. My first sew-through was a 34A, but I had to shorten the band quite a bit so I sized down to a 32 band for this one.  For the cup size, I went up to a C because I’d read on several blogs and forums that you should size up when using foam.

Supplies: Miscellaneous bits and pieces from Bra-Makers Supply and a half yard of geometric print rayon/poly jersey from

Construction: My attempt to line the cradle with non-stretch tricot was a gigantic failure.  I wanted to see if removing the stretch would eliminate the slight pull lines at the center front, which it did, but it also created terrible drag lines everywhere else and was very uncomfortable when I tried it on. I think it’s simply the wrong shape for me when the stretch is removed. Version one of this bra was quickly binned.

On to version two.  The foam lining is awesome!  I read a few tutorials (Cloth Habit’s is a classic) and then just dove right in.  Surprisingly easy! I created a pattern for the foam by eliminating the seam allowance from the center cup seam, and under the arm. Then I added seam allowance (about 3/8”) to the upper edge of the fashion fabric to allow it to fold under.  Here’s a few pics of what it looked like in progress:

The panty construction is a breeze.

Changes: Besides adding a foam lining to the cups, I also shortened the band again. This time I compared the length of the pattern to my first S8229 and adjusted the side seams before cutting.  Of note: I had some trouble with the band riding up under the cups on my first one.  Not so this time.  Frankly, I have no idea why it’s different since the construction and elastics are identical.  Happy accident. 

No changes to the panty pattern.


Bra – 4.5 stars.  It turns out, I should not have sized up with the foam.  Since it’s foam and holds it’s shape, it still looks great, but next time, I’ll make a 32B.  I am so very pleased with how it turned out though! It’s just as comfortable as the first one, and shape of the foam cups is good for snug t-shirts and sweaters.

Panty – 4.5 stars.  Sooooo comfy.  So. Comfy.  And they’re adorable!! Even my husband thinks so and obviously, my fabric choice was not super sexy so that just tells you how nice the shape and cut are.  One caveat: I don’t wear these under jeans or anything tight because they exhibit some significant VPL due to the shape of the back leg.  See how the back of the leg opening is a slight concave curve? This makes them extra cute, but it also puts the elastic right on the fullest, squishiest part of my cheeks. . . resulting in panty lines.  However, they do *not* ride up and they work great under skirts and dresses.  

Overall:  This needs to be a bikini. Note to self: keep an eye out for suitable fabric.  This is actually the only “set” of everyday lingerie that I own and I’m surprised how much I love having a matching set! From here on out, I’m going to prioritize making matching panties for my bras.   Next up: another foam lined S8229, this time in a 32B.

2 thoughts on “Geometric Jersey Simplicity 8229”

  1. Another brilliant make, your fabric choice is inspired! Rather reminds me of all the gorgeous low key lingerie I had my eye on in the boutiques in Madrid…
    I agree, this style would make a perfect bikini! Lx

  2. This looks amazing! Absolutely amazing. The foam cups, the fabric choice – it all came together so well. I made a swimswuit for the 8229/Noelle bottom (it’s the same pattern) and it was my staple bikini bottom last year.

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