Pattern Review: Simplicity 8229

Overview: Simplicity 8229 by Madalynne is an easy, pretty, lacy bra pattern with a simple, two piece cup and a band that is stretchy all the way around (vs having a stable center front.) In general, Simplicity patterns require a LOT of alterations to fit me, so I’d been putting off trying it, but I shouldn’t have!  The style is perfect for my tiny frame. 

Sizes included: 32 A through 42 DD

Size I used: 34A. This was a complicated decision.  My measurements are: 27.25″ underbust and 31.75″ bust.  The instructions put me in a 32 band and less-than-an-A cup which wasn’t even an option. This seemed odd because even though I AM very small, a commercial 32B is usually about right for volume so I don’t think I should be small enough be off the pattern chart.  Hmmm.  I ended up diving in with a 34 A for two reasons: 1) I’d just made a 32 band with a different pattern that was way, way too tight so I was scared and 2) an A cup was the smallest option and you can always take it in later, right? *Insert Ominous Music*

Supplies: Lace and findings kit from Tailor Made Shop and the nude mesh is from an in-person visit to High Fashion Fabrics in Houston.

Construction: Straightforward.  It’s the least “fussy” bra I’ve made thanks to the 2 piece cup.  Spray basting the layers together is also a fun trick.   Excellent instructions as far as Simplicity patterns go.  Since I’d already made a few bras, I didn’t follow along with Madalynne’s Youtube video, but I’ve heard it’s even better than the printed instructions.

Changes I made: Amazingly, my sizing gamble turned out great and it needed only two easy alterations and a few minor changes.  


1) Tightening the band.  2 inches to be precise. Totally should have gone with the 32 band.

2) Moving the lower elastic up 1/2″ to touch the wire casing because it was scrunching up a bit.

Minor Changes: 

1) Moving the sliders to the front.  

2) Running the strap elastic down to the bottom of the back band to enclose the raw edge with picot elastic; I learned this technique from an Orange Lingerie pattern and I just love how it looks.  

3)Favorite thing about this pattern right here: Inserting size 34 wires instead of the 32 wires the pattern calls for.  I like wider wires, even though I don’t need the bigger cup, but most patterns need some tricky alterations for this to work. In this one, they went right in! No weird ripples or pulling anywhere.

Fit: 4 stars.  Minus one star ONLY for the unhelpful sizing instructions. I really wish I’d started my lingerie adventures with this pattern.  It’s a perfect fit and it looks “normal” under clothes.  Also of note: ALL of my other bras have foam in them and I was unsure how I would feel wearing a bra without the extra “oomph” (#petiteproblems).  The answer is: I feel great! 

Overall:  I already have six more bras planned with this pattern.  If you’re petite and small chested, Madalynne is your girl!! Sizing on this one is hard, so if you’re looking at the chart and scratching your head because the size it’s suggesting seems wrong. . . I’d recommend favoring your RTW size for a first attempt, assuming you’ve been properly fitted.

Disclaimer: None! No affiliate links. . . just wanted to share fun things.

2 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Simplicity 8229”

  1. Your bra looks absolutely lovely! I really adore the clean finish technique you used with the strap elastic, I am definitely going to try that out.

    I am glad I’m not the only one who was confused about the Simplicity by Madalynne sizing instructions. I ended up guessing my size as well (which thankfully worked out for me, yay!).

    1. Thank you Jessica!! Yep. . . thank goodness for a lucky guess. It’s such a pity that the sizing is so confusing when it’s a winner of a pattern! I’m wondering if it has to do Simplicity’s standardized sizing not converting well to lingerie, because I haven’t had ANY sizing confusion with the free lingerie patterns Madalynne puts on her site.

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