Pattern Review: Simplicity 8229

Overview: Simplicity 8229 by Madalynne is an easy, pretty, lacy bra pattern with a simple, two piece cup and a band that is stretchy all the way around (vs having a stable center front.) In general, Simplicity patterns require a LOT of alterations to fit me, so I’d been putting off trying it, but I shouldn’t have!  The style is perfect for my tiny frame.  Continue reading “Pattern Review: Simplicity 8229”

Pattern Review: Bare Essentials Briefs

I purchased the book Bare Essentials: Underwear by Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks a few weeks ago because I was interested in the section on pattern drafting and grading.  The surprise bonus is how much I love the traceable brief included in the beginner’s section.  It’s really comfy!

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Tangle-free Prewashing!

Something about having to prewash fabric or trims makes me waaaay less motivated to start a project. Anybody else have that problem? I get most of my sewing goodies in the mail so I try to run everything through the wash as soon as I open the package and it mostly works. . . except for long pieces of trim and elastic.

Tossing 10 yards of FOE in the washer and dryer seemed like a terrible idea so I’ve been pretreating shorter pieces, one project’s worth at a time. It works, but it slows me down when I want to be sewing.  Since I had a free afternoon today, I played around with some solutions for preventing tangling. I found one I like!

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Pursuit of Pantiness

You know those holy grail panties? The ones that come in beautiful colors, soft fabric, and are super comfy, stay put, and never give you VPL? I found them once. I was once one of those lucky souls who thinks, “Yeah, I love to sew, but why bother sewing underwear?” And then the company discontinued my size (because small tushies can’t have adorable granny panties?)

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